Not everyone has the time to keep their website updated.  It’s a very important task that usually requires dedicated maintenance.  Websites are now the goto place for information for any business.  With the massive surge in mobile technology in recent years, people need info on the go, and the internet is usually the place they go to look.  If your site is out of date, boring or doesn’t engage prospective clients then your site will suffer.

‘Content is King’ is the oft quoted phrase, and as far as the Web is concerned, it certainly is.  People don’t visit your website to see pretty colours, or flashy animations – they visit to get information.  A structured web strategy is a must, and a tailored-made, customised web plan based on your business and it’s unique needs is something every company needs to have.

Part of this strategy will inevitably include the ability to update your site at will, and sometimes may well put pressure on already hard pressed staff.  Hiring new staff just for the job may not always be the solution and the more cost effective alternative is to use our Maintenance and Update Service.

Send us your data and for a monthly fee, we’ll ensure everything is up to date.  We’ll also oversee your social media and ensure the right information finds it’s way to your various social media networks.  The more you do, the more we’ll put out there for you, ensuring that your business finds it’s own little place on the web and the internet in general.

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