serve2rHosting is often an afterthought when it comes to the Web.  The main reason for this is due to the number of web designers who only know how to code websites, and aren’t familiar with the myriad of other aspects required.

Hosting is the physical machine on which your web server exists on and usually is referred to as a ‘web server’.  Besides an actual website, you need a domain name, email, maybe even FTP and SSH.  Not every business will require the same services from their web server (the place your website resides) – but every business needs a safe, secure, fast server than is always online, is safe from hackers, always updated and always backed up.

BuyWebSpace first delved into the world of web servers almost 20 years ago.  Since then we have grown with the web and over the years fine tuned our servers so that they are online almost 100% of the time.  In our near two decades (currently 18 years and counting), we can safely say our servers have rarely been offline. Even when they have been, it’s been for minutes rather than hours.  No company can tell you they have 100% uptime because with the nature of the internet and how everything connects, thats an impossibility.  We try to do the impossible though.

If you aren’t technically minded, just know that we can provide you with what you need.  Let us know what that is, and we’ll sit down and discuss your requirements.

If you like the technical nitty gritty though, we offer a real one stop shop when it comes to servers.  All are Virtual Private Servers and housed in an EU datacentre. We have had zero security breaches in all our time in business.  We offer all kinds of server – from small, limited (and cheaper) servers suitable for smaller businesses to full independent dedicated servers.

We offer the following (* smaller business servers may vary):

  • Unlimited bandwidth metering
  • Cpanel access
  • DNS
  • Domains
  • Unlimited email accounts *
  • unlimited FTP accounts *
  • SSH access *
  • Installation of custom applications *

We also offer customised servers running Icecast Web Radio which you can read about here.