Custom Servers

Custom ServersAsk us about our custom servers!  We have a huge range of customised options for our web servers.  Regardless of what you need your server to do, we can do it.  One particular interesting – and we think unique – option we offer is our Icecast web radio server.

This particular custom server can act as three different things, all at the one time.  It can:

  • Host your website
  • Host all your email
  • Run an Icecast Web Radio server
  • Tune in from any web enabled device

Though there are many scenarios in which this combination would suit, here are two to give you an idea not only the flexibility of the server, but also the cost savings.

Scenario One – College Radio

College radio isn’t a big thing in Europe, mainly due to the cost of setting up a radio station.  On the other hand, many colleges offer Media courses where students train to work in a radio station.  With our Icecast Server, that cost has been significantly reduced.  With it you can

  • Run your own Internet Radio station
  • Run multiple Internet Radio stations if required
  • Log into to a control panel to upload music and schedule your shows
  • Automatically cut in and broadcast live.  Jumps back to playlist when you are finished the live broadcast
  • Total control from the comfort of your computer

That’s just the web radio part.  Because it’s a robust server, Colleges can also host their website from it and also run hundreds of student email accounts. One way to completely revitalise the learning experience – and save money in the process

Scenario Two – Nightclub Radio

A new emerging trend with the more trendy clubs across Europe is to utilise the internet to spread the word.  With our servers, nightclubs and venues can easily offer membership only access to specific radio streams from their own Club.  With the the same facilities as above, not only can the club or venue offer a 24/7 unattended web radio stream, but easily stream live culb DJs doing their thang.  With a tried and tested simplfied process we can have your club or venue utilising the internet to introduce more people to your venue.  Give them access online and watch them flock to your club after their virtual experience.

Get in touch today and let us tell you more about our custom servers in more detail!